For Busy Professionals and Homemakers

Ultimate Health Reboot Programme: Rediscover a Happier and Healthier You in 3 Months–Guaranteed

Personalised Health Coaching and Medical Support for Busy Professionals and Homemakers with a Unique 7-Step Process
Custom Nutrition Plan
Medical Consultation
Home Based, Minimal Equipment Needed
Bloodwork-Based Core Issue Detection
Three 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions
Unique Seven-Step Process
Muscle-Centric Approach
Monthly Virtual Workshop
Exclusive WhatsApp Group
90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Struggling with Your Health? You're Not Alone

We understand the challenges of managing your health while balancing a busy life. From dealing with chronic conditions to finding time and motivation for consistent exercise, it can be overwhelming. Here are some everyday struggles many face:

❌ Health Challenges: Struggling with lifestyle disorders (PCOS, arthritis, hypothyroidism, T2D, hypertension) and chronic health issues.

❌ Fitness Consistency: Difficulty maintaining a routine due to busy schedules and lack of guidance.

❌ Ineffective Solutions: Frustration with quick-fix scams and past fitness programs that failed to deliver lasting results.

❌ Lack of Personalized Solutions: One-size-fits-all fitness plans that don’t address individual needs and medical backgrounds.

❌ Motivation and Support: Feeling isolated and unmotivated without community support and a network for encouragement.

❌ Convenience and Accessibility: Needing specialized equipment for home workouts and limited access to quality fitness resources at home.

❌ Guidance and Expertise: Lack of access to professional trainers and medical experts, leading to potential injuries.

❌ Nutritional Challenges: Overwhelmed by conflicting dietary advice and struggling to find reliable nutrition guidance.

However, You Can Improve Your Health by Identifying and Addressing the Core Issues

Transformative wellness begins by identifying and addressing the root causes of your health concerns. You need to go beyond temporary fixes, and need a strategic, comprehensive path to lasting health and vitality:

Core Issue Detection: Utilize detailed bloodwork analysis to uncover underlying health conditions like hormonal imbalances, metabolic issues, or nutrient deficiencies, ensuring that every aspect of the program is finely tuned to your body’s specific needs.

Muscle-Centric Approach: Implement a training regimen centred around muscle development and metabolic enhancement. This method promotes fat loss and improves overall body composition and metabolic health, making your body more efficient at energy use and recovery.

Corrective Exercises and Postural Alignment: Exercise to correct postural imbalances and enhance movement efficiency. This preventative approach reduces the risk of injuries and improves one’s ability to perform daily activities easily.

Proper Nutritional Guidance: You need customised dietary plans based on your unique health profile and fitness goals. Proper nutrition supports the physical changes you’re working toward and addresses nutritional deficiencies that could impact your health.

Community Support: A supportive community that motivates and encourages you throughout your journey can be a game changer. Sharing experiences and challenges with peers can provide additional accountability and inspiration.

Welcome to Value Fitness: Your Path to Complete Health Transformation

Unlock a healthier you with a program designed around your life, not the other way around. Experience a transformative health journey tailored to your unique needs with these benefits

Tailored Fitness Plans: Customized workouts based on comprehensive bloodwork analysis and medical insights.

Flexible Scheduling: Join live online fitness sessions available seven days a week.

One-on-One Support: Personal coaching to ensure correct form, maximise effectiveness, and prevent injuries.

Community Connection: Access an exclusive community for encouragement and tips.

Holistic Health Management: Receive nutritional guidelines and stress management resources.

Progressive and Adaptive: Regular progress tracking and adjustments.

Minimal Equipment: Achieve fitness goals at home with minimal equipment.

Educational Workshops: Monthly workshops on nutrition and lifestyle improvements.

Join Our 90-Day Program for Busy Professionals and Homemakers

The Ultimate Fit & Healthy 90-Day Transformation is not just another health and fitness program. It’s a unique blend of personalised group coaching, medical support, and flexible live training designed to help you sustainably transform your health and fitness. 

Flexible Live Sessions: Access daily live online group fitness sessions that fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.

Three 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions: Master foundational movements with personalised guidance to stay injury-free and maximise workout effectiveness.

Bloodwork-Based Core Issue Detection: Comprehensive bloodwork analysis tailors your fitness plan to address and improve specific health concerns.

Medical Consultation: Receive one free consultation with a medical doctor based on your bloodwork for expert health advice tailored to your needs.

Muscle-Centric Approach: Focus on weight loss through strength and conditioning, exercise therapy, and nutrition to achieve sustainable weight loss and muscle gain.

Custom Nutrition Plan: Personalized meal plans designed to complement your fitness goals and enhance your results with targeted nutrition.

Minimal Equipment Needed: Effective home workouts require only a yoga mat, resistance bands, and dumbbells, making fitness convenient and cost-effective.

Exclusive WhatsApp Group: Join a supportive community for motivation and tips to stay connected and motivated.

Monthly Virtual Workshops: Interactive sessions on nutrition, stress management, and advanced techniques ensure continuous learning and improvement.

Regular Progress Tracking: Monitor and adjust your plan with regular check-ins to stay on track and achieve your goals.

Accountability Partners: Partner with an accountability partner for added motivation and support, which can increase your accountability and success rates.

Holistic Fitness Integration: Strength training, mobility, stability, endurance, and rehabilitation exercises are spread over 7 days to achieve balanced and comprehensive fitness.

Limited Enrollment: Only 50 spots are available to ensure personalised attention and high-quality, focused support.

Rolling Start Dates: New cohorts begin every month, providing flexibility in starting your transformation journey.

90-Day Guarantee: Enjoy a full refund if you don’t see significant improvement within 90 days, offering a risk-free commitment to your health.

Unique 7-Step Health Transformation Process

Step 1
Personalised Onboarding and Assessment
✅ 1-on-1 session to assess fitness levels and discuss medical history.
✅ Medical review by a doctor if necessary.
✅ Suggestions on essential fitness equipment.
Step 2
Three 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions
✅ Master foundational movements.
✅ Perfect form and posture to stay injury-free.
✅ Maximize workout effectiveness.
Step 3
Group Training Sessions
✅ Live online group fitness classes available 7 days a week.
✅ Motivation and support of group workouts.
Step 4
Nutritional Guidelines
✅ Personalised nutritional guidelines provided after the first two weeks.
✅ Designed to complement fitness goals.
Step 5
Ongoing Progress Tracking and Form Correction
✅ Regular check-ins and progress tracking.
✅ Continuous feedback and form corrections.
Step 6
Accountability and Community Support
✅ Exclusive WhatsApp group for support and motivation..
✅Peer accountability.
Step 7
Monthly Lifestyle Workshops
✅ Virtual workshops on nutrition, stress management, advanced fitness techniques, and more.
✅ Interactive sessions with Q&A segments.

Not Just Yet Another Fitness Program

Flexible Scheduling: Live sessions tailored for busy lifestyles.

Expert Trainer Guidance: Led by Dr. Abhijit, a certified trainer with extensive experience.

Health-Specific Plans: Programs for conditions like hypertension and diabetes.

Efficient Workouts: Low-impact routines for maximum results with minimal time.

Minimal Equipment: Basic home gear required.

Staged Nutrition Guidance: Gradual nutritional support to ease transitions.

Adaptive Progress Tracking: Adjustments as your fitness improves.

Focused on Form: Personal coaching for injury prevention.

Community Support: Exclusive WhatsApp group for motivation.

Meet Your Coach

Dr. Abhijit

Dr. Abhijit is a seasoned personal trainer and wellness expert who has dedicated his career to transforming lives through fitness. Since beginning his journey in 2014, his in-person training programs profoundly impacted over 500 individuals in Hyderabad.

His transition from local personal trainer to global virtual coach demonstrates his adaptability and dedication to fitness. His expertise in integrating training, nutrition, and lifestyle management has transformed the lives of over 1000 clients worldwide.

From Hyderabad to the World: Started as a personal trainer in 2014, now a global virtual coach helping clients worldwide.

Expert in Holistic Health: Specializes in combining training, nutrition, and lifestyle for sustainable health results.

Innovative Virtual Training: Pioneered effective virtual training methods during Covid-19, rapidly expanding his client base.

Passionate About Real Change: Committed to genuine, lasting health improvements, not quick fixes.


See What His Trainees Are Saying

Abhijit is widely knowledgeable about all things fitness *and* nutrition as well as consistently attentive to my needs in the moment, overall goals, and the details of my life in ways that our times together translate into a successful way of being beyond the bounds of mere physical health. He’s proved himself wildly invested in my progress as an individual, which evidences his deep personal passion around whole-person health and his devotion to being the best-informed, soul-centered guide. He is the best trainer I’ve ever had (and I’ve had quite a few!) – all while being the only trainer I’ve hired virtually

Adam J. Martin

I’ve found my flitting and fitness home, ever since I’ve been training with Abhijit ( 4 years now). With him it’s not just about the workouts, it’s about incorporating fitness into life. With his guidance, I have battled the overweight and balanced diet issues. He has personally helped me break the stereotypes and myths, going far beyond both workouts and food. I love the way he seems to pause the Earth on its axis if he has to clear a question or crease out the form. His patience to help rehab, guidance to work around with injuries, or help push limits with intensive training are remarkable.

Vidhushi Govil

He’s someone who believes in leading a healthy and happy life more than having a materialistic one. I see major improvements in minimal time. The most important aspect is that he’s a good listener and explains each exercise carefully, making sure the right muscles are engaged and maximum output is achieved. 

I am impressed with his vast knowledge and his nuanced guidance. I am looking forward to the next session. Great job Abhijit.

Arun Manda

Abhijit has been an inspiration to me. He has taught me to be persistent with better eating habits, workout regimens, and MOST IMPORTANTLY NOT TO GIVE UP. This quarantine I was sure I would not fit a door by the end of it….. but then started following his sessions regularly and I did lose weight… I do feel lighter, relaxed and flexible….. he is very knowledgeable and would guide very judiciously…his sessions deliver a good balance between cardio, stability, endurance.

Keerthana Kapiley

Frequently Asked Questions

Have Doubts? Let’s Clear Them Up

Yes, our virtual training program delivers the expertise and personalised support you would receive in person. Our approach ensures that each session is tailored to meet your needs effectively.

Our fitness approach is built on making fundamental and lasting changes, which may take some time to become apparent. 

However, we understand your concerns and back our commitment with a 90-day money-back guarantee. We will provide a full refund if you don’t see significant improvement within three months, despite following the program guidelines and maintaining at least 80% attendance. 

We are dedicated to providing continuous support and making necessary adjustments to help you achieve your health goals.

Absolutely. Our program includes a detailed bloodwork analysis to detect core health issues. Based on this analysis, we customise your exercise and nutrition plans to specifically address and support your unique health needs.

Our program includes access to an exclusive WhatsApp group, creating a community of support and motivation. This community will keep you engaged and accountable, helping you stay on track throughout your fitness journey.

No, you do not need specialised equipment. Our program is designed to be accessible and can be effectively followed with just a few basic items: a yoga mat, mini loop resistance bands, and dumbbells.

We offer regular progress tracking and personalised check-ins. This allows us to adjust your plan as needed and helps you see the tangible results of your efforts over time.

Yes, one of the biggest advantages of our virtual training program is its flexibility. You can join and participate from anywhere; you only need an internet connection.

Limited Spots Available

Limited spots for our virtual training program are open to ensure you get personalised attention. Book your free strategy call now to secure your place and start your journey to lasting health with Value Fitness.

Take Control of Your Health

Don’t let lifestyle disorders hold you back. With Value Fitness, you can achieve lasting health and fitness results through a comprehensive, personalised, and supportive virtual training program. 

Our holistic approach ensures that you address the root causes of your health issues and make sustainable changes.

Transform Your Health?

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