Value Fitness is the high performing individuals go-to source for ways to maximise their fitness, nutrition and overall lifestyle. Starting out as a small, homegrown personal training brand, Value Fitness has attracted 1000+ global clients for its high success rates and effectiveness in both virtual and in-person training modules.


We are the successful! Our mission is to provide you with all the tools you need to reach your fitness goals in a consistent, engaging environment you will be proud to call your fitness community. We won’t hold you hostage to fad diets or celebrity training programs, you’ll want to stay because we care!


Dr. Abhijit has been a Personal Trainer since 2014, and has helped transform over 500 lives in Hyderabad over the course of six years of in-person training.

The lockdown(s) of Covid-19 compelled him to evolve into the Virtual Training module where he was able to help over 500 people from all around the world in one-third of the time taken during in-person training, i.e. within a much shorter time span of two years.

Dr. Abhijit attributes his success to three key pillars of holistic health: Training, Nutrition & Lifestyle. 


By offering a 7-day workout module i.e Mobility, Stability, Strength (2 sessions), Endurance (2 sessions) & Rehabilitation with multiple time slots a day, he implements and encourages the philosophy of consistency i.e to ‘Wake up, Dress up, Show up, Repeat’.


One of the reasons most people fail in their fitness goals is that they make a 360 degree turn with their food as part of “prescribed” diets or “trending” diets, which are unsustainable in the long run. By educating the client/student about food and how it affects the training, recovery and goals, Dr. Abhijit encourages them to gradually make a shift in eating habits that are easily adaptable and sustainable. 


Dr. Abhijit helps in evaluating clients’ current lifestyles and understanding where they are going wrong; understanding the importance of sleep, stress, food, circadian rhythm and overall lifestyle for a healthier self. Helping make incremental changes that can be adapted and made permanent by acknowledging effort and appreciating progress.

“His vision over the next couple of years is to positively influence over 5000 individuals globally and build a community that truly values fitness”





Value Fitness has lots of training options available. Online Personal training is offered in a 1-on-1 format lead by Dr. Abhijit himself providing a very personalized experience. Online Group training is similar to personal training, only it’s more fun as there are typically 8-10 people in a session. Such group training provides accountability and an energy-filled atmosphere that keeps you motivated. In-Person training is best suited for people looking for very specific results, for example, injury rehabilitation, athletic performance etc. These are conduced by Dr. Abhijit and member of his team. 

While there isn’t a set age limit, our fitness must comply with our biological age. This is assessed during a telephone/email consultation.

Although the answer is usually a yes, it also depends on the severity and complexity of the the injury. Once we thoroughly understand your injury/situation, we can design an appropriate therapy and rehabiliation program.

We schedule an in-depth call with you before enrolling in any of our programs. This call helps you understand more about resistance training, and helps us in understanding your goals. Once we are on the same page, we start with one week of private, 1-on-1 sessions where we understand your movement better. Once you are comfortable and familiar with the basic movements, we migrate you into the group sessions so you are able to keep up with the rest of the batch.

We will always recommend online group training for anyone with basic knowledge of the movements. For beginners, we will have to nurture them through 1-1 training for a week or two, before we get them into the online group module.

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